Individual Social Coaching

individual coaching

 ImprovAbility! Social Coaching provides Coaching to increase Social Understanding for individuals who have difficulty with:

  • Reading social signals and body language,
  • Setting and reaching Social Goals
  • Accommodating changes in scheduling and environment
  • Managing


We serve adults and teens with a variety of social needs.  Many of our clients have Autism/Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, OCD, NVLD or a combination of these. We also have clients who do not have any formal diagnoses but have encountered social and communications gaps in their lives which they want to address. Typically, clients:

  •  Are able to interact with others independent of a caregiver, parent or worker
  • May have social, academic or employment goals toward which they are working
  • May need guidance to set their “Big Picture” social goals
  • Benefit from a mentor to navigate the above areas

 How We Work:

Before the first meeting, an initial phone interview is conducted to determine what the client’s needs are and confirm that Social Coaching is appropriate for them.

When eligibility is established, an initial Client Meeting takes place.  This meeting lasts 1.5 hours. During this time, client and coach will formulate the Top 3 Goals, discuss a plan of action, and map out a timeline to achieve each goal.

Subsequent meetings are booked in blocks of eight.  Each is one hour long.  To be most effective, coaching sessions must happen at least once a week.

Coaching can be done at a client’s site or ours.  Ecologically valid assessment and practice is important .  For this reason, where possible, we will come to an individual’s place of work or school to provide coaching based on the client’s goals and needs there.  Additionally, outings to destinations such as malls, coffee shops, movie theatres can provide wonderful coaching opportunities and settings, depending on the client’s social goals.

What to Expect:

Initial information is gathered from the client in the form of:

  • Contact and consent form
  • Service agreement (8 week blocks) Plus deposit
  • Social Questionnaire (Client’s Social Skills Baseline)
  • Goals questionnaire (reflection/refinement of client’s goals using SMART model)

Sessions consist of:

  • Goal review
  • Week review
  • Barriers/Obstacles triage
  • Strategy and practice for the week
  • Exercise or roleplay
  • Wrap up and recap
  • Confirm next meeting


Coach:  Alana Shields Barker

Alana is a certified PEERS facilitator, Social Coach and Roleplay Coach.  She trained at the Geneva Centre for Autism as an Autism Intervenor specializing in Social Skills and Managing Anxiety.  As well, she has spent over 35 years as an actor, improviser and drama/improv teacher.  She has taught at The Second City, George Brown Theatre School and The Tarragon Theatre School (1990s).  She is the developer of Social Improv* and the Director of ImprovAbility!

References Available on Request.

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